About Roof Restorers

Roof Restorers is a family owned and operated Dunedin business run by couple; Lachlann and Meghan Maclean. Loki and Meg began the business in 2013, after moving to Dunedin from Christchurch. They started with just one job from a family member and grew the business from there. They love it, and through quality workmanship and classic word of mouth, the business has grown in popularity.

They now have seven staff to keep up with demand across Dunedin for their roofing services. Roof Restorers started in residential roofing but with additional experience and expertise, have expanded into commercial roofing across Dunedin. They are focusing on perfecting their company and improving their business through investing in their staff and are soon to have some staff start roofing apprenticeship programmes. Roof Restorers are proud Licensed Building Practitioners.

Lachlann Maclean

Meg and Loki Lachlann and Meghan of Roof Restorers

Owner and operator Lachlann Maclean knows a thing or two about roofing. He’s been working in the industry for over 14 years. He has worked across Australia and New Zealand and has completed a wide range of roofing solutions for clients across Dunedin.

Loki is proud of the business that he has built from the ground up with his partner, Meg, and thinks their quality workmanship and reasonable rates have resulted in good word of mouth, and referrals across Dunedin, which has steadily grown the business.

Outside of work, Loki enjoys spending time with his wife and children, traveling, and following speedway around the country. He is focused on building and improving Roof Restorers to make it the best business that it can be, for his staff, and for Roof Restorers customers.

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