Riselaw Road

Riselaw Road gives you a good insight into the before and after with Roof Restorers. Roof Restorers removed the old tile roof and installed a new Colorsteel roof and what a difference it’s made!

It just goes to show you how much value you can add to a home by replacing the roof. Not only does a new roof improve the appearance of the house but removing an old tile roof and installing an iron roof can vastly improve your home.

Installing a new roof can vastly decrease heating costs and increase heat retention by about 30%. Old tile roofs can have a lot of holes that create drafts and let warm air escape and cold air flow through the roof space. Old tiles can become weathered and pitted, and become porous and can hold water like a sponge, letting in water damage in large downpours and adding unwanted weight strain on the structure of your home. Iron roofs are incredibly light in comparison to tile roofs and so take a lot of added strain off the structure of your home.

Installing a new roof can add so much value to your property, save on your power bill, and instantly improve first impressions if you’re looking to sell or simply update your home. In fact, a new roof can often be cheaper than updating the bathroom or kitchen and can add a better all-around impression. Not only that, but you’re protecting your home from potential water damage with an old, inferior roof. Don’t delay if you have any leaks, don’t be complacent, get your roof repaired or re-done. It might cost you less than you realise, and it could save you thousands in costs if you have any water damage.


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