Vogel Street

Vogel Street was a commercial complete re-roof by Roof Restorers. The roof had a very large surface area at 2,800 square metres.

A lot of removal work was initially involved in Vogel Street, with glass windows removed and with 50% of the old roof containing asbestos. Roof Restorers had to go through training and apply for a certificate to be certified to remove asbestos from the site.

Clearlite roofing was brought over from Australia, Clearlite has insulation values so that natural light can be let into the building without such a loss of insulation that you get with other windows. Skylights were delivered down from Christchurch and we designed and installed the flashings to go around the windows.

Roof Restorers have actually installed a number of commercial roofs on Vogel Street and in this area, you can see the Jetty Street roof that we did next door in some of these photos. If you’re looking to renew your roof for your business, contact Roof Restorers.

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