Whether a roof needs repairing or replacing depends on the deterioration of the roof. For example, if a roof is 30-35 years old, with old nails and corrosion, it might not be worth it to do repairs, you will probably be better off, and it will probably be more cost effective to replace the whole roof. Roof Restorers are more than happy to visit you on site to inspect and discuss your roof and roofing options with you.

We are experienced at renewing iron and tile roofs with Colorsteel. We recommend Coloursteel Endura and Maxx products. They are designed with New Zealand conditions in mind, without discounting aesthetic appeal. Coloursteel will last in mild and moderate inland settings to New Zealand’s severe coastal environments and works well across traditional buildings to contemporary designs.

Gutter replacement, with Dunedin’s unpredictable weather, is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Replacing guttering can save you huge unwanted costs as overflowing and leaking gutters during heavy rain can cause untold amounts of damage. We suggest getting any signs of gutter damage-checked for replacement.

We also specialise in wall cladding (to help waterproof your roof, this is especially important with classic Art Deco homes across Dunedin), new builds and renovations. With renovations, we can work with you to colour match your existing roof with the extension or renovation of your home. Roof Restorers can renew your roof and are experts in the Dunedin area at roof restoration. No job is too big or too small .

Roof Restorers work with a wide range of roof renewal options:

  • Iron and Tile roofs
  • Remove the iron roof and install Colorsteel Range - Endura or Maxx
  • Remove tile roof and install Colorsteel Range - Endura or Maxx
  • Gutter replacement
  • Wall cladding
  • New Builds
  • Renovations
  • Residential and Commercial

See some of Roof Restorers roof replacement projects. Renewing your roof can add so much value to your home. Contact Roof Restorers today.

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